Monday, February 27, 2006

We Interrupt This Broadcast . . .

I had intended on having all of the Poker Resume posts completed by now and was actually most of the way through the second (covering the college years) when work last week got a bit out of control. Almost all of my non-work time has been spent prepping for the impending arrival of our son:

1. Furniture delivered and moved by yours truly repeatedly to find which setup is just right? Check
2. Swing, bouncer, crib, stroller and dozens of other items with too many parts assembled? Check
3. Winnie the Pooh decorations covering every possible surface? Check
4. Three hundred pounds of baby clothes washed, folded and put away? Check
5. Car seat installed and brought to the local police station for inspection to ensure that the dumbass father-to-be (that's me for those of you not paying attention) did it right? Check

The only time I've had for poker-related pursuits was Friday night. As my wife was brushing her teeth and washing up to go to bed, I noticed that Full Tilt Poker was running a nice $24+2 tourney with a solid guarantee (I believe it was $16k but the guarantee was surpassed by the buyins). After tucking my wife into bed and grabbing a beer from the fridge, I registered for the tourney and opened up a couple of $5+.50 SNGs to keep me occupied while folding hand after hand of crap through the early stages of the tourney.

About 45-50 minutes into the tourney, the player on my right busted out when his all in bet on the flop with 78o was called and his gutshot draw failed to materialize on the turn or river. The spot was almost immediately filled by a player named "factgirl" with a small puppy dog avatar.

From the minute she sat down, I noticed that she was exceedingly friendly and polite, joking with most of the players at the table and generally having a good time. We be began chatting and joked back and forth, her puppy threatening to bite my ankles when I reraised her one hand and and my monkey threatening to start throwing poop at her when she stole my blinds. It was nice to be seated next to someone that genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself rather than being stuck next to another of the all-too-common jackasses that show up in these events and believe that Phil Hellmuth's approach to poker ettiquette should be followed by any serious player.

For some reason, the name factgirl seemed very familiar but I had no notes on her and she was not in my PT database. About two-thirds of the way through the second hour, an observer popped in and started chatting with her. As soon as I read his name (UpForPoker), I knew that it was CJ, a blogger I've read for some time (see links on right). I gushed to CJ about being a "big fan" of his writing and chatted a bit about having just started this site.

As soon as I recognized CJ, I realized why factgirl's name seemed so familiar - she was a member of the WPBT blogging community. While I had not previously read her site (I have since remedied that failure and have added her to the link list), I had read about her in a number of other blogs and had fully planned on reading her as well. While CJ only stuck around for a few minutes, factgirl and I continued to chat throughout the rest of the tourney as we both played our way into the money (I finished 52nd out of field of about 825). I really enjoyed her company and hope to run into her again at the table.

At some point after the tourney, factgirl visited the site, left me my first ever comment, and even went so far as to add me to her blogroll. I'm like famous and stuff. WOOT!!!

I'll be back soon with the next installment of the Poker Resume.


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Falstaff said...

Welcome to the degenerate's society. I found you through facty. Enjoy!


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